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Florida Keys diving & snorkeling

From Key Largo to Key West, Florida Keys diving ranks among the best this side of the Caribbean Sea. Shipwrecks, tropical fish and stunning coral reef eco-systems are just waiting to be discovered by SCUBA diving enthusiasts.

Duane wreck

Divers can find all levels of reef and wreck diving in the Florida Keys. Shipwrecks along Florida’s Shipwreck Trail include the USCG Duane, the USS Spiegel Grove and the Vandenberg to name a few. Visit Sombrero Reef, Looe Key or Alligator Reef, John Pennekamp State Park, Bahia Honda State Park or Dry Tortugas National Park for a close-up encounter with hogfish, grouper, blue tang and angelfish. Hens and Chickens Reef is a popular shallow dive spot for all levels of dive enthusiast. This patch reef features sea fans, sponges, brain coral, finger coral and star coral along with parrot fish, barracuda and more.

Florida Keys diving & snorkeling

If you’re headed out into the big blue ocean on your own, do some quick research ahead of time to find the best spots, weather conditions and any dive tips that might be helpful. Mooring buoys are available at many of the dive sites in order to protect the reefs. Anchoring is often not allowed, so be sure to check if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Don’t forget your dive certification card and your “diver down” flag.

Local dive shops offer Florida Keys diving certifications if you’re not already trained in SCUBA diving and gear rental. Diving in the Florida Keys is year-round, but the summer months offer warmer water and calmer conditions.

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