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Lower Keys restaurants and bars

When you go someplace on vacation, it is always difficult to know where you should go to eat your meals.

Many vacationers rely on recommendations from friends, and some want to return to a restaurant they patronized on a previous visit to this area. The Florida Keys has an ever-changing population; some restaurants quickly fail and someone new is always trying to make their mark on the scene. Eateries often change hands and new management, and even new chefs, can mean a drastic change to food offerings and quality.

Although Key West and Marathon are always an option for a special night out, you don't need to ride such a long way to have an enjoyable meal. Everything is so spread out in this area, so it may take some exploring to find what you want. There are a couple of really good restaurants with a wide variety of menu choices, a couple restaurants that specifically sell seafood, and the rest are home-style cooking or bar & grill type affairs. There is also a Chinese restaurant and a few that specialize in pizza and sandwiches. Several of these establishments have take-out and delivery service.

Unlike in Key West, most of the restaurants start serving dinner around 5 p.m. During season, it is advisable to call for reservations at the better restaurants. Children are welcome in most.

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