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Key West fishing

The most unique and addictive angling in the world can be found in the clear backcountry waters off Key West. Famous modern day anglers such as Flip Pallot, Lefty Kreh, and even Jimmy Buffett have all written extensively of their adventures on the flats of the Lower Keys, where the sport was pioneered. Their tales of fly fishing for the enigmatic tarpon, bonefish, and permit, in an environment of unparalleled beauty, have made this the fastest growing segment of saltwater angling. Combining the best of hunting and fishing, a day on the flats with a dedicated Key West guide is a must for any light tackle enthusiast.

The light tackle boats of the Keys are the most flexible charters in the world. Almost any species, from tarpon in Key West Harbor to sailfish beyond the reef, can be pursued from these powerful center-console craft. The International Game Fish Association currently lists over 400 world records caught in the Keys and the majority were hooked from our light tackle fleet. These charters can be customized to meet any angler's wishes. From a casual trip with the family for some tasty grouper to an expedition for a fly rod record kingfish, a light tackle charter is sure to suit your needs.

Key West fishing

Offshore fishing in Key West is a chance for everyone to be Ernest Hemingway for a day. Big boats, big tackle, and big fish make a trip out on the Gulfstream an adventure that will last a lifetime. Our island has a fleet of captains and crews that are among the world's finest in chasing down the legendary giants of the deep sea. Marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, and dolphin are all caught within the 90 miles between the Keys and Cuba. Almost anything is possible on an offshore charter, from simply catching dinner to competing in a major billfish tournament, and Key West is where to make it happen.

Whatever brings you to Key West, even if you are not the avid angler in search of a world record catch, fishing aboard a party fishing vessel can be one of the finest times you will have in Key West. Whether it's a small group on a smaller boat in search of a diving and fishing adventure, an all-day trip with a large group, or night fishing in the summer months, it's all here and it's all fun.

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