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Key West real estate

Living in Key West is a dream that many would like to make a reality. Key West real estate features a tropical landscape of Victorian and Gothic architecture, historic sites and modern amenities. Palm trees and blooming flowers surround Key West homes with wrap-around porches, beautiful balconies, gingerbread trim and white picket fences.

Although buying a house in Key West can be a dream come true, finding affordable Key West real estate may take some time and persistence. FL Keys and Key West houses, along with commercial properties, are at the top of the pricing spectrum. There is a high cost of living as well as lower wages than in other areas of the country. Because the area is such a top tourism destination, you’ll also find higher prices in restaurants, grocery stores and other retail businesses. On the plus side, you’ll discover that many businesses offer discounts and special deals exclusively for FL Keys residents.

Key West real estate

Lease houses, apartments, condos or Florida Keys vacation rentals as an alternative to buying a house. This is a great way to “test the waters” to see if you’ll like living in the area as well as find out which sections of town you would prefer for a potential home. Depending upon your interests, you’ll find that the Old Town area offers the advantages of being able to walk or ride a bicycle to all of the main attractions, shops, bars and dining establishments. On the other hand, it’s more expensive.

Whether you’re searching for a long-term residence, rental property or a vacation condo, Key West real estate companies can assist you with every part of the purchase process. The Florida Keys real estate network is large, and many real estate companies and agents have listings and links here at You might just find your key to paradise waiting right here.

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